Information technology (IT), telecommunication solutions.

We are a company established in 2008 and our main focus is in information technologies. Based on the analysis of the market, we decided for an independent entry into the telecommunication market. We obtained the appropriate permissions from the Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK), and thus registered as an operator for IP telephony.

Our new company catalog - 2017


Novatel MOBIL

Check our our offer mobile packages and choose the right one for you. Call us or send us an e-mail . Need more information? Browse our website or contact our customer service. We are happy to answer your questions.

VoiPex PBX

The system in addition to basic telephony, provides additional services, links with other systems, have no technical, license or technological limitations and therefore doesn't get out-dated.

IP Phones

Among a large selection of IP phone manufacturers on the market, we decided to offer devices from Grandstream. We believe their products are of high quality, durable, with modern design and very favorable price.

SMS "postman"

This service allows extremely fast and targeted delivery of key information to your customers, clients, subscribers, members of various organizations.


RouterOS and associated hardware RouterBOARD are highly advanced product, available at a very reasonable price. Their built-in functionality can compare to equipment that otherwise cost ten or in certain cases a few hundred times more.

Satellite internet Tooway

Tooway system uses satellite technology to supply users with fast and flexible broadband internet connection.

ASK - Alarm, SMS, Conference

is a web application developed to alert, inform and offer dynamical communication. The application was initially intended for specific groups (firefighters, emergency paramedics,...).


Newsspotter system is designed to transfer multimedia on the ground and covers the whole of Europe. The connection speed depends on the agreement (up to max 10Mpbs upload and 20Mbps download).